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Airkake was formed in early 1999 by four of the five current members sharing a musical interest at a very young age. Early shows were played at such locations as their elementary school and middle schools, and local churches, all in their hometown of River Edge, New Jersey. The band made some amateur recordings in a friend's basement using a cheap mixer and a computer. They sold copies of the songs around their school, at the mall, and to anyone who showed interest

In the summer of 2002, Airkake began to practice with Matt at the drums, the same friend who helped out with the recording. The members unanimously decided that Matt's style of drumming would be perfect to fit their sound, and parted ways with former drummer, Danny.

the same summer the band began to play shows to different audiences at local VFWs, and made acquaintances with every band they could. Airkake was beginning to gain recognition from the local scene through playing frequent shows. As serious practicing persisted, a new sound was slowly evolving. In December of 2002, the completion of the band's first studio recording was sold in the form of a four song demo "How to Deal With Pressure." This was a big factor in the development of a fan base, at first consisting of mostly teenagers around the Bergen County area, as well as drawing attention and popularity for exhilarating and memorable live performances at every show.

With the release of a second studio demo, "Every Meaning of One Word" in May 2003, Airkake hopes to expand their fan base and continue to grow as a band, and make innovative music until every member is dead or in jail - www.Decoyband.com

Steve [x]Lead Vocals
Clark [x]Guitar
Alan [x]Guitar
Ethan [x]Drums
Thomas[x]Bass Guitar

Photography done by instamaticeyes